Military Parachute Equipment & Accessories

  • Deployment bags
  • Dorsal parachute JAB/1208 OCTA
  • Drogue parachutes
  • Harnesses
  • Parachutes canopy JAB/1208 OCTA
  • Pilot chutes
  • Risers (twin loop TM)
  • Sliders (any size)
  • Static lines & extensions
  • Bridle cords
  • Ripcords MD12
  • Soft connector links etc…

Aeraustral manufacture Parachute equipment & accessories to order, simply email your requirement and you will receive a quote within 48 hours.

Please note: Aeraustral manufacture a wide range of Parachute equipment, Individual Military field equipment, Industrial personal restraint systems, small sails & spinnakers, shooting accessories etc… all cannot be listed.

If you have a special requirement, contact J.A. Bou by email for more information.

If it is made with a sewing machine Aeraustral can probably make it.

Pilot Chutes — Extracteurs & Accessories

Pilot chutes (high drag) / Extracteurs (grande surface):

JAB/900 Fm: Flat 90 cm diameter F111 fabric

JAB/Hexa 900/HDm: High drag pilot chute 90 cm

JAB/1208/PC600F: (with spring) avec ressor




High speed Drogue Parachute - Parachute Stabilisateur grande vitesse

JAB/D1008.M — JAB/D1008.V

Ballistic nylon …………………………. $282.00

35gsm ripstop nylon ……………………… $290.00

F111 Exacta chute ……………………….. $340.00

Available in three styles – Hemispherical, cruciform & flat, with mesh or mesh vanes
Diameter projected – Diametre ouvert 1 metre

zero porosity 35gsm nylon ripstop
Utra low porosity F111
Ballistic parachute nylon.
100% untreated Polyester Mesh.
Dual operation, hand deployed or by static line. Retraction line can be installed if required.

Very strong construction, guaranteed against manufacturing defects

Check with Aeraustral for drogue parachutes prices with vanes

Aeraustral manufacture drogue parachutes for any application.
Technical information available on request

Parachute Risers — Elevateurs

New (16Kn) Instant release risers — Elevateurs avec liberateur de voilure

35 & 44mm wide Polyester webbing, black, blue, grey, red.
Very strong, ultimate load 1600kg, maximum working load 530kg, SWL 320kg.
The JAB/CR1105 twin loops ™ riser release instantly under 2kilos of tension.
No eyelet through the riser webbing, all rings stay face up.
Ripcord pull is no more than one (1-2 kilos), no need to modify your existing harness.

Price per pair $120.00 postage paid in Australia
Forwarded Airmail to overseas customers (Postage is extra)

Military Parachute Equipment

  • Containers main & reserve for MC parachutes
  • Deployment bags (MC parachutes)
  • Containers for cargo parachutes
  • Deployment bags (cargo parachutes)
  • Drogue parachutes
  • Dropmaster harnesses
  • (3 point) JAB880M Parachute Harnesse split or solid saddle with canopy release assy of your choice, Capewell or Rings. Reserve “D” rings & suspension “V” ring
JAB/740 Parachute system
With olive green three point adjustable Polyester Harness fitted with canopy releases. Olive green or Austcam Main & reserve containers made of heavy Polyester canvas. This system includes the deployment bag with integrated 4.5m static line. The JAB/740 parachute system is manufacture to Military specifications & standard & will accept the JAB/740 canopy from Aeraustral or T10 canopy.
Pilot chutes — Static lines & extensions
Ballistic cruciform parachutes — Ballutes parachutes — Drogue parachutes
Ordnance parachutes — Sonoboy parachutes
Webbing equipment for all Military applications
JAB/1104 Segment ™ Aircraft cargo net — Kwicklash tie down systems — Webbing straps & slings
Aeraustral can manufacture most Military Parachute equipment & accessories.
Contact J.A. Bou for additional information.
Prices are in Australian dollars subject to change without notice & do not include shipping charges.
All orders will be sent by post within Australia & by Air mail or freight forwarders.
DHL or Fedex to overseas customers.

Paragliders — Hang Gliders

OCTA reserve parachutes JAB/908 (45m² — 50m² — 60m²) from $1300

Parachutes are manufactured against firm order, allow three working weeks for delivery from receipt of order. Fabric is 7020 nylon or F111 whichever is available.
Parachutes are manufactured to Mil specs standard. Note: Price vary with canopy size.

Reserve parachute deployment bags – $90.00

Made to order to fit your reserve integrated launch handle, parachute lines stowing panel with lines protector. fabric is medium weight polyester excellent product manufactured to Mil specs

Instant Quick releases for towing

Foot release for Paragliders $50.40
25mm hight tensile polyester webbing & stainless steel eyelets, with manual release back up. Delivered in carry case.

Instant release for Hang Glider $60.00
Polyester webbing stainless steel hardware & pin, & 3mm nylon cord. Top quality product well priced. delivered in carry pouch

Paraglider stirrup $29.20

Polyester webbing x 25mm, stainless steel hardware reinforced foot rest, very strong.

“NEW” Reserve parachute with two-pin ripcord container – P.O.A.

For Paraglider, Power glider, Hang glider. Acrylic or Nylon container fabric. Choice of two Aeraustral Canopies – JAB/OCTA 45m² & 60m².

Top quality equipment well priced.

High speed Deceleration Parachutes Circular — Cruciform — Ring slot

Special UAV recovery Parachute used by Mincham Aviation South Australia

Cruciform Parachutes available in the following sizes
3m (5m² ) — 3.65m (10.95m² ) — 4m (8.85m² ) — 4.3m (10.23m² ) — 4.6m (11.72m² )
Manufacture is to Military parachute standard Colours: white, black, blue, green, red, yellow

Aeraustral can manufacture a complete deceleration parachute system
Canopy — container — release system — spring loaded pilot chute

UAV recovery Parachute used by Mincham Aviation South Australia
Circular canopies from 1m to 10m diameter

Also manufactured
Drogue (free fall), Ballistic, Ballute, Ordnance, Sonobuoy, & illuminating flare parachutes

Check with Aeraustral for prices – email:

OCTA Parachute canopies for
Dorsal parachutes, Military, Dispatcher, Pilots, Paraglider, Power glider, Hang glider,
voilures parachute OCTA pour
Parachutes dorseaux Civil & Militaire, Pilotes, Parapente, Paraplane, Cerf -volant
All OCTA Canopies are Manufactured for terminal velocity opening

Small size parachute canopy — Petite voilure
JAB/OCTA 363 (36m²) – 365 (40m²)
Ultra low porosity fabric with low rate of descent — Tissus basse porosite descente lente
Steerable/manoeuvrable, 16 single piece gores/16 fuseaux 2.5mm Dyneema rigging line

Standard size parachute canopy — Voilure de parachute taille normal
45m² JAB/OCTA 450
Ultra low porosity fabric with low rate of descent — Tissus basse porosite avec descente lente
Steerable/manoeuvrable, 24 x 3 panels gores/fuseaux, 2.5mm Dyneema rigging lines

Medium/large size parachute canopy — Voilure de parachute taille moyenne
50m² JAB/OCTA 500
ultra low porosity fabric with low rate of descentTissus basse porosite descente lente
Steerable/manoeuvrable 24 x 3 panels gores/fuseaux, 2.5mm Dyneema rigging lines

Large size parachute canopy — Grande voilure de parachute
60m²JAB/OCTA 600
ultra low porosity fabric low rate of descent — Porosite basse descente lente
Steerable/manoeuvrable 24 x 3 panels gores/fuseaux, steerable 2.5mm Dyneema rigging lines

Large size Military main parachute canopy — Grande voilure parachute Militaire
80m² JAB/OCTA 800 Military
Steerable/manoeuvrable, 80m² 24 x 4 panels gores/fuseaux, 2.5mm Dyneema rigging lines
Also available OCTA 450 Military/Militaire 24 x 4 panels gores

All Aeraustral OCTA Parachute canopies are manufactured to MIL standard and guaranteed against manufacturing defects.

Also manufactured
4.9m (18.8m²) ring slot Deceleration Parachutes, Drogue parachutes
Ballistic parachutes

Check with Aeraustral for prices