Sacoche (Brand) Individual Military Combat Equipment

Equipement individuel de combat

Manufactured to Australian Army specifications & standard. ISO 9002/9003

Fragmentation/Ballistic vest – POA

Manufactured to Mil specifications. For Law enforcement agencies & Military only outer skin is heavy nylon or Auscam fabric. Internal fill is ballistic material as specified by customer. The vest is fitted with chest & back pockets for the insertion of soft or hard Armour.

Aeraustral will install pockets or pouches of your choice. This is a high quality vest designed for hard field work, very comfortable to wear. Colours: Auscam, Black, Beige, Green.

Contact Aeraustral for more details & price.

Patrol Pack / Sac dorsal de patrouille – POA

Radio pouch / Poche pour poste de radio – POA

Field pack small / Sac patrouille (petit) – POA

Three days Pack / Sac dorsal (patrouille 3 jours) – POA