Rics programs osteopathic and podiatric programs home health & wellness health library i-p irritable bowel syndrome (ibs) health library cyberknife treatment advantages patient education about the cyberknife system gamma knife radiosurgery autolitt treatment advantages davinci surgical system features safety irritable bowel syndrome (ibs) what is irritable bowel syndrome (ibs)? Irritable bowel syndrome (ibs) is an intestinal disorder that causes the following: crampy pain gassiness bloating changes in bowel habits ibs has inaccurately been called by many names, including the following: colitis mucous colitis spastic colon spastic bowel functional bowel disease ibs is a functional disorder because there is no sign of disease when the colon is examined. Because physicians have been unable to find an organic cause, ibs often has been thought to be caused by emotional conflict or stress. While stress may worsen ibs symptoms, research suggests that other factors also are important. Ibs often causes a great deal of discomfort and distress, but it is not believed to: cause permanent harm to the intestines. Lead to intestinal bleeding of the bowel. Lead to a serious disease such as cancer. It has not been shown to lead to serious, organic diseases, nor has a link been established between ibs and inflammatory bowel diseases such as crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis. What causes irritable bowel syndrome? The digestion and propulsion of nutrients and fluids through the gastrointestinal system (gi) is a very complicated and very well-organized process. The gi tract has its own intrinsic muscles and nerves that connect, like an electrical circuit, to the spinal cord and brain. Neuromuscular events occurring in the gi tract are relayed to the brain through neural connections, and the response of the brain is also relayed back to the gastrointestinal tract. As a result of this activity, motility and sensation in the bowel are generated. An abnormality in this process results in a disordered propulsion of the intestinal contents, which generates the sensation of pain. The exact cause of ibs is unknown. One theory is a person with ibs may have a colon that is more sensitive and reactive than usual, so it responds strongly to stimuli that would not affect others. The colon muscle of a person with ibs then begins to spasm after only mild stimulation or ordinary events such as the following: eating distention from gas or other material in the colon certain medications certain foods women with ibs seem to have more symptoms during their menstrual periods, suggesting that reproductive hormones can increase ibs symptoms. What are triggers for ibs? The most likely triggers for ibs are diet and emotional stress. Scientists have some clues as to why this happens. viagra for sale cheap viagra buy cheap viagra buy viagra viagra generic buy online cheap viagra online where is the cheapest place to buy viagra viagra for sale cheap viagra generic viagra online Consider the following: diet. Eating causes contractions of the colo.

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