Parachute Equipment manufacture maintenance & repairs
Deployment bags - Harnesses - Drogue chutes - Pilot chutes - JAB/OCTA Parachute system
Epervier container/harness combination - Drogue parachutes JAB/D1008M - JAB/D1008/V
Aeraustral provide a complete maintenance service for parachute equipment, inspection with written report, & repairs of all type of parachutes, lines replacement etc...
Para Glider maintenance inspection & repairs - new Para Glider reserve canopies JAB/Octa/ 60 reserve inspection and packing
Sacoche Shooting accessories
Holsters: Hip, shoulder, ankle - Telescopic baton holder - Pistol magazine pouches (single & double)
Utility belts (polyester) - Tactical Vests - Ballistic vests (subject to availabilty of material)
Cartridge holder (black, beige, camouflaged) - Cartridge carry bag - Fourreau gun bags (90 & 130cm)
Light weight hunting back packs - Semi rigid gun valise for rifle/shotgun - Rifle/Shotgun slings
Trap & Skeet belts & pouches - Shooting mats - Shooting jackets
Sails & Spinnakers manufacture maintenance & repairs
Small & medium sails & spinnakers can be manufactured, inspected & repaired
Individual Safety Equipment
Full 4 & 5 point harnesses for Aviation or car racing - Industrial Belts - harnesses & Adjustable straps
Aviation Cargo Restrain Equipment
Cargo nets JAB/1104 Segment TM - Aircraft Tie down systems (Kwiklash) - Webbing straps & slings
Individual Military Combat Equipment
Manufactured to Australian Army specifications & standard ISO 9002-9003
Amunition pouches - Carry bags - Combat & Tactical vests - Ballistic/fragmentation vests
Field packs (medium) - Holsters tactical (black, beige, camouflaged, olive green)
Individual shelters - Individual restraint systems - Padded belts - Patrol packs - 3 days packs
Shooting mats - Valises for precision rifles (can be used as drag or shooting mat)
Radio pouches - Safety harnesses & belts - Webbing suspension gear etc.
All products are manufactured to a very high standard of quality, very rugged & will withstand the demands and rigours of serviceability in the field